Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Starts 25 January 2024

The power of CBC is that it engages the client on a conscious level to understand their limiting beliefs and the roadblocks that they face and then engages them actively in a thought-provoking and equal partnership to understand and identify unhelpful thinking and achieve their goals more effectively and with less risk of setbacks.

  • This engagement is enforced through the coach’s ability to use Socratic questioning.


CBC has a few models that can be learnt and used on clients depending on the context. A model that tackles unhelpful thinking and behaviors based on this thinking and another one that identifies limiting beliefs and the emotions connected to them.

CBC also operates on a performance formula that motivates the client to aim to achieve their potential.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching | Life Coaching Academy

Meet your trainer:  Toleen Badawi

This workshop runs for 7 weeks every Thursday at 7pm AEST

Email for an enrollment form