Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Course

We are pleased to advise that the next CBC course with presenter Toleen Badawi will commence on the 1st August.

Details of this course are as follows:


The main goals of CBC are to:

o Facilitate self-awareness of underlying cognitive and emotional barriers to goal attainment.

o Equip the client with more effective thinking and behaviors o Help build internal resources and self-acceptance o Facilitate the client in achieving their realistic goals • Enable the client to become their own coach The power of CBC is it’s that it engages the client on a conscious level to understand their limiting beliefs and the roadblocks that they face and then engages them actively in a thought-provoking and equal partnership to understand and identify unhelpful thinking and achieve their goals more effectively and with less risk of setbacks.

  • This engagement is enforced through the coach’s ability to use Socratic questioning.

CBC has a few models that can be learnt and used on clients depending on the context. A model that tackles unhelpful thinking and behaviors based on this thinking and another one that identifies limiting beliefs and the emotions connected to them.

CBC also operates on a performance formula that motivates the client to aim to achieve their potential.


This workshop will be delivered via 7 live webinars, once a week for 60 minutes, and includes some practical triads. Topics covered are:

  1. The science of obstacles and mastering the Inner Game 2. Self-efficacy & Introduction to CBC 3. Unhelpful thinking & Socratic questioning 4. Traditional problem-solving model and other CBC interventions 5. The ABCDE Model 6. The SPACE Model 7. SPACE Model demo


The cost of this course is $500 and can be paid as follows:

$500 upfront or

Deposit with enrolment $200 and two monthly instalments of $150 each.


Please register your interest in enrolling for this course by emailing