Coaches and new technology help people find meaningful work

Coaches and technological innovations are helping people gain the knowledge they need personally and professionally to thrive in the Future of Work.


Basic employment skills are not accessible to everyone, creating inequality among job seekers


Coaches can help people gain necessary job-seeking and technological skills


Employment and technology skills will help people find meaningful work

Why are coaches integral to meaningful work? 

We’re here to assist people on that journey of gaining the knowledge that they need, both personally and professionally.

How can coaches help people who are “underemployed”?

What we call “underemployed” are people who have not had access to jobs because they don’t know the basics: how to apply, how to write a resume, how to interview, how to write an email. You know, we have to teach those skills.

If we want people to be employed, we have to teach them skills that can get them employment, and meaningful employment and singing to your soul and finding things that give you flow and satisfy you. That comes next. But first, you have to just give people the basic wherewithal to be able to find employment.

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