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Cindy Russell

Cert IV Life Coaching

Cindy has had almost two decades experience in the personal development industry, having used kinesiology to conquer her anxiety as a young lady. Cindy has since been amazed at the benefits she and others have gained from her combined studies in neuro-linguistic kinesiology, touch for heath and life-coaching. Cindy is a member of numerous accrediting bodies and mentors life-coaching students.

As a married, mother of four, Cindy’s passion is helping children carry their fun outlook and positive power into adult life. This helps Cindy work with adults to re-connect with the attitudes and outlooks that can serve them best. Accordingly, Cindy’s skills are used by employers to help participants fuel their work-place passion, purpose, connection and inspiration.

Be it heading out on a holiday, entering another workday, or exploring a relationship, Cindy’s philosophy is that life can be simple, easy and fun. She has spent the majority of her working life helping others discover that too.

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Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Career , Stress Management , Business Issues , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Lifestyle , Spiritual , Corporate Coaching , Team Management

Cert IV Life Coaching

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