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Bryan Cutts

Life Coach Cert IV LCA,

Sometimes life, both business and personal, lands us at a crossroad… and deciding which turn to take can be quite a quandary.

Often it’s easiest to keep on walking straight ahead; we can see what’s laid out in front. It’s almost a case of ‘Better the devil I know…’

Making the decision to turn off, take another direction, is fraught with the unknown. Sometimes difficulties arise, not the least of which it’s harder to see what’s around the bend.

If you are at a crossroads, and your instinct, intuition, something in your bones is telling you that you need to do something, I am here to help you:

> make sense of it all
> affirm your values
> make decisions
> take positive action

My background is in sales and the corporate recruitment sector. I’ve owned and operated private businesses, often being involved in the marketing and strategic direction of them.

In addition to my coaching practice, I assist my wife Carole with her psychotherapy business as well as run my own theatrical production company. Sometimes I even tread the boards myself, and have occasionally appeared on television and film.

If you want a life coach (or business coach) who is mature, has a wide range of experience and understanding, and has an uncanny knack for finding what it is that motivates you… then talk2me; I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are some snippets from my website:

What is life coaching?
Coaching consultations are much like any professional meeting, such as with your accountant, solicitor, therapist or doctor… you visit these professionals because they have expertise in certain areas that you do not, and are able to provide objective advice or guidance. | Read more…

Thought for the week
To start your week on a positive footing, I’ll send you a ‘Thought for the Week’ each Monday. | Read more…

The first step to accelerating and achieving your aspirations, is making that initial contact. | Read more…

Coaching consultations generally last for one hour although longer sessions can be booked if required. These sessions can be either face-to-face, via Skype® / online conferencing or by phone. | Read more…


Cert. IV Life Coaching

Cert. IV Business Management


Bryan Cutts

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