Best Ways Life Coaching can help you to become the best version of yourself

Having had the pleasure to meet and train many amazing life coaches over the years it has been extremely rewarding to hear the success stories they have had not only in their own lives but also when working with their clients. Life coaches have had the pleasure to see their clients attain their dream jobs, drastically improve their relationships, build up their confidence to set up their own businesses, win awards, travel the world and live a life full of purpose.

Seeing these successes not only reaffirms the joy in why we do what we do; it also demonstrates the sheer power of coaching and the difference it can make in people’s lives. If you are curious about the benefits of coaching, below are best ways life coaching can help you to become the best version of yourself:

1. A Life Coach can help you to see things with a fresh pair of eyes

A coach asks powerful questions which help you to see things outside of your current perspective. Often many of us can go through life with fixed ideas on certain situations and a coach can help you to view things differently so that you can consider a different approach helping you to become unstuck and move forwards.

2. A Life Coach encourages you to take action

A coach can help you to acknowledge your present circumstances and motivate you to set goals so that you can take steps towards achieving them. Doing so moves you away from limiting your passions to daydreams and brings them firmly into your reality. Having a coach who can help you to formulate a plan and who understands your fears or worries whilst providing support along the way can amplify your courage to take action.

3. There is no room for hiding

Working with a coach stops you from shying away from things that hold you back and if you try to talk yourself out of pursuing your goals a coach can help you to pick up on this so that you can move away from self-sabotage and feel the fear to do it anyway. A coach can act as a mirror reflecting back anything which could be halting your progress so that you can take your foot off the brakes and race ahead.

4. A coach can help you to stay motivated

Attending an inspiring seminar or event can be exciting but it’s not uncommon for the positive effects to wear off once you get back into your daily routine. Working with a coach allows you to consistently maintain your motivation whilst pursuing your goals and if you find your motivation dipping a coach is able to reignite it with power questions that can remind you of the bigger picture. This support can help you to overcome procrastination and prevents you from limiting yourself from further expansion so that you can maintain the momentum.

5. You have a safe space to be open

We may not always feel comfortable enough to express our fears with family or friends but working with a coach provides you with a safe space to be honest about what’s going on internally.  Laying your fears on the table allows you to get your thoughts out of your head so that you can become aware of your inner dialogue, be open about your obstacles and express your vulnerabilities, doing so can assist you to discover new ways of activating your inner strength and power.

6. Life Coaching is a journey

Working with a coach can be a transformative journey that allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level. When working with a coach you’re provided with a safe environment and the solid support of someone who can assist you to grow into the best version of yourself every step of the way. Your coach is someone who can be patient with you, who can motivate you, someone who won’t take your excuses and ultimately guides you to moving closer towards the person you want to be.

7. What you leave the session with stays with you

Whether it’s a new learning or an empowering realisation, the benefit of working with a coach means that whatever you learn and discover along the way stays with you. Your new levels of understanding, habits and ability to overcome limitations are skills which you can build on. Whether you want to continue working with a coach or feel comfortable enough to sail by yourself the next time round, everything you have learnt along the way remains with you.

Working with a life coach is a great way to reflect on our challenges, conquer our fears and puts us on the fastest route towards our desires! Imagine what would be possible for you, if you were able to become the best version of yourself?