Are you in the Sandwich Generation? Life coaching and/or training can help

Sandwich Generation is largely defined as middle aged adults that have parents aged 65+ as well as minor children. This generation can also be defined, according to research, as middle-aged adults providing financial support to senior parents and to a child, or children, of any age.

It’s not necessarily a negative thing to be part of the Sandwich Generation. It means one or more of your parents are still living and that you have a family of your own. However, it does come with some challenges.

Adults “in the middle” can find themselves strapped for time, money and emotional resources.

The senior years are when issues such as lowered mobility or dementia occur more frequently. At the same time, children are in their formative years and need financial and parental support. Increasingly, the mental health in youth has been trending downwards, meaning added stress for concerned parents.

Helping out ageing parents while also raising children is a part of life, but it can feel overwhelming.

For example, taking time off work to take a parent to medical appointments or to run errands, feeling stress and hopelessness while watching a teen suffer from poor mental health, paying for long-term care for a parent while also struggling to pay the bills… the stressors can really add up.

Life coaching and/or training can help.

Life coaching is not counselling; it is a process where a neutral third party helps you understand the situation, where you are inside of it and where you want to be.

From there, the life coach helps you set goals to reach your desired destination. The goals are manageable and attainable. Coaching is customized to each client – there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

As a Life Coach this helps clients through all sorts of life’s hurdles. If you are an adult in the Sandwich Generation and would like to feel empowered about the challenges you are facing, consider life coach training for yourself or engaging a life coach.

From accepting the facts about your parents aging to getting on top of your finances, from organizing your schedule and finances to embracing self care, life coaching can help you manage this stage of your life with more grace, less stress and most importantly – a plan.

Training to become a Life Coach can teach you skills to use in your life and those around you.  Empowering and transforming lives.

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