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Anne Foran

Accredited LCA Coach – “Ulysses Life Coaching”

Whose strength is helping you to release your strengths.

My logo is the beautiful Ulysses butterfly. I chose it because it symbolises my beliefs about my experiences in life, life coaching and life in general.

The Ulysses, like all butterflies, experiences clearly defined stages of its life. But its final beauty does not show the struggles it has had in order to get to its most beautiful stage. To many of us, life is like that.

In my role as your life coach I hope that I can help you to reach that stage in your life that equates to the beauty of the Ulysses butterfly.

As well as the butterfly, there is the symbolism of the Greek hero, Odysseus, whose Latin name was Ulysses. It was he, who masterminded the Wooden Horse at Troy.

I see both as stories of unlocking, broadening, based on creativity and using internal strengths. And this is what I offer to you as a life coach.

Prior to attaining accreditation as a life coach my life has had many Ulysses type experiences.

Included in my formal, and informal, experiences and qualifications are… wife for 25 years, mother of two adult children, trained junior primary teacher, qualified teacher librarian, reading recovery teacher, financial investment advisor, software consultant, tour guide, clothing shop manager, management consultant, STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) trainer, swimming coach and lousy golfer.

I believe that these experiences have been invaluable in contributing to my growth as a person and is a wonderful basis upon which to build my life coaching skills.

Now more than ever before I find my life growing and becoming richer. I would love the opportunity of working with you to help you develop and enrich your life, whether it be in goal setting, career matters, relationship enhancement, managing stress or just getting personally, emotionally or physically fitter.

By working with someone else, such as a qualified life coach, it is easier to achieve your goals than by struggling alone.


Accredited LCA Coach – “Ulysses Life Coaching”


Anne Foran

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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