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Anna Parker

How often have you talked yourself out of your dreams?

Do you know the difference it would make if you had someone believe in you?

How do you uncover your authentic life and stay aligned with your own personal values, so that you know you are living your own life and not someone elses?

Do you know your life purpose and are you motivated each day in it’s fulfillment?

As your personal coach I will empower you to follow your dreams, because the more you follow your dreams, the more you will be at-ease with yourself and consequently the greater your ability to make positive changes in the world. When you are happy and following your heart, everything will change around you. Miracles will happen and you will discover a source of infinite creative potential that fuels your passion and excitement for life.

Taking the time to discover and cultivate your dreams takes determination and patience, and the waters may get choppy. I will be your navigator as you steer your ship, making sure you stay on course, encouraging you not to lose sight of the goal and celebrating your successes. Your joy will be my joy.

If you are ready and have the time to invest in your journey then call me for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.


As a Professional Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Tele-class presenter, Anna is dedicated to models of peace, using the advanced communication and relating skills that are a part of coaching, so that they can be embraced by the individual, the corporate body and organisations, and so lead to more love, harmony and beauty in the world.

Anna does trainings and keynote presentations to that end, so that the local and global community may be strenghthened and aligned with it’s Higher Purpose to serve one another and humanity.

Anna’s background as a Health Professional, with her expertise in Homoeopathy and Naturopathy has given her a keen insight and caring approach as to what is needed to lead a balanced life, in harmony with one self and free of dis-ease. In her coaching sessions, your emotional and physical health will also be looked at as a priority, in order for you to achieve your other goals. Anna’s other passions lie in music, playing various musical instruments,singing and dancing and she is a certified Dance Leader for the Dances of Universal Peace, a global network which conducts a variety of interactive presentations, with a focus on citizen diplomacy, inner and outer peace. Anna also supports other peace initiatives, and is an active member of World Peace 2000, and the UNESCO ideals.


Anna Parker

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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