Amanda Parker Coaching

Amanda Parker Coaching

Amanda Parker Coaching is dedicated to helping tweens and teens in out of home care (foster care) to move past self-doubt and destructive habits so they can find lifelong happiness and connection as they move into adulthood.

As a mother of 4 and long term foster carer, I have watched teens and tweens in numerous cases, step into adulthood still weighed down by the traumas, habits, and behaviours they have carried throughout their life. These habits and behaviours contribute to the alarmingly high number of former foster children who struggle with homelessness, addiction, abuse, and poverty throughout life. Foster care agencies provide amazing resources to address children’s past trauma and current circumstances through counselling, psychiatry, and mentoring, but often have limited resources dedicated specifically to the future.As I watched children that I loved so dearly struggle as they moved into adulthood, I developed an overwhelming desire to be an active advocate for their futures.

I strongly believe that coaching is the missing link in helping children leaving out-of-home care to develop specific, individualised strategies to help them find success and fulfilment throughout their lives.

Coaching areas that I service:
  • Goal Setting & Self Development
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Relationships & Personal Issues
  • Stress Management
Certificate IV in Life Coaching Professional Coach ICF

Certificate in Wellness Coaching

Certificate in NLP coaching

Certified High School teacher

Foster Carer, and Mother of 4


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