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Adele Lim

Professional (LCA) Life Coach, Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws Master in Business Administration

Adele has had 20 years of professional work experience in private sector companies across several industries including legal, real estate, education and in the public sector for the Australian government. After working as a lawyer for several years, Adele completed her MBA in Melbourne, pursuing her interests in business and marketing. She then worked in managerial positions for companies in China, US and Australia.

Living and working in the US and China for several years, provided Adele with invaluable life experiences and helped her develop strong interpersonal skills necessary for effective cross cultural communications.


As a working professional, Adele has a very good understanding of the pressures and challenges of working life and the need to establish a healthy work/life balance. She has managed to achieve this balance between work and play through tools she learnt over the years and life coaching principles.

An excellent communicator with a warm, engaging personality, Adele has a penchant for making others feel completely at ease with sharing their thoughts and feelings with her. Adele believes establishing this close rapport with clients is absolutely essential in a coaching relationship.

In 2009, Adele established her life coaching business “Aware2Achieve Solutions Coaching” in Canberra where she resides, offering coaching on a part-time basis in the following areas:

– Goal Setting & Self Development , Career , Stress Management , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Lifestyle , Corporate Coaching


“As your Life Coach I will partner and work with you to come to a place of awareness of your true potential – what your life goals are, what issues may be preventing you from achieving those goals. Life Coaching empowers you to create solutions to your problems, and motivates you to be the best you can be, to spring into action and do those things necessary to create your best life.”


Professional (LCA) Life Coach

Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws Master in Business Administration


Adele Lim

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