10 Daily questions that can change your life!

Coaching is all about asking powerful questions which can help us to create breakthroughs in our careers, relationships and overall wellbeing. When we ask ourselves the right questions we direct our minds towards seeking answers, considering different perspectives, altering our moods and finding solutions to our challenges.

The difference in our lifestyles usually boils down to the questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis, sometimes all it takes to untangle ourselves from feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘unclear’ is the right question which can help us to connect with our inner self and continue moving forwards.

Asking ourselves the right questions not only provides us with more clarity, it also stops our inner chatter from taking over leaving us feeling more empowered with our decisions.

In every moment, we have a choice to ask ourselves a disempowering or empowering question, disempowering questions such as ‘why does this always happen to me’ results in our brain reflecting back on past experiences which can keep us stuck in our ‘story’ whereas empowering questions such as ‘what can I learn from this experience?’ allows us to direct our mind forwards towards the bigger picture.

The more we focus on asking ourselves empowering questions the easier it becomes for our brain to develop a pattern of asking questions which guides our mind towards positive feelings such as happiness, joy, excitement and pride leaving us feeling more in control of our experiences.

If you want to make positive changes in your life, below are 10 questions that you can ask yourself on a daily basis:

  1. What am I most happy about in my life right now?
  2. What am I committed to in my life right now?
  3. What am I most excited about in my life at the moment?
  4. What am I feeling most grateful about today?
  5. What steps have I taken to move me closer to my goals today?
  6. What am I most proud of achieving today?
  7. How can I be kinder to myself today?
  8. What’s the top priority in my life right now?
  9. What good habits do I want to cultivate more of today?
  10. How can I make someone smile today?

Questions are the key to self-awareness and personal growth, when we choose to ask ourselves quality questions as a part of our daily ritual we can drastically transform how we view the world and provide ourselves with unlimited access to empowering emotional states such as gratitude, happiness, enthusiasm and joy which can benefit every area of our lives!


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