Zoom in to your Clients anywhere at anytime.

Zoom in to your Clients anywhere at anytime.

Enoy a flexible work/life balance & customize your career.

What qualifications do you need to become a highly successful coach?

  1. Govt Accredited Qualification – for Professional Indemnity Insurance (Industry is being regulated in Australia)
  2. Industry Body Accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) at their highest LVL2 which provides direct pathway to PCC Credentialing

How To Enroll? 

Option 1: Professional Coach ICF-LVL 2:

Option 2: Master Coach:

See all our Course Options: https://www.lifecoachingacademy.edu.au/courses/

Coaching is the 2nd fastest growth industry globally – this is why:

  • Coaches work flexible hours – $145 per hour on average.
  • Coaches retain their employment and coach clients part-time initially.
  • Coaches have the option of working from home.
  • Coaches are portable and are able to connect with their Clients via Zoom, Skype or Webinar
  • Coaches offer the option of one-on-one coaching or group coaching.
  • Coaches offer public & motivational speaking and team leadership.
  • Coaches offer Workplace Coaching
  • Coaches develop niche markets in the areas they are passionate about.
  • Coaches have no business start-up costs besides initial training and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Coaches that have the ICF-LVL2 Accredited qualification are the top earners.

IMPORTANT! The industry is being regulated – be sure to come away with the top Accredited Program. Nationally Recognized (including Certificate IV in Life Coaching NAT10864) can only be delivered by an RTO + Internationally ICF LVL 2 Accredited