Wellness Facilitation

Wellness Facilitation
All great things start somewhere. The Wellness Facilitation training is no different. To be able to facilitate health and well-being an understanding of key elements is required. At this level you will establish a strong foundation of what you are working with while level two goes further into the how.
Transition from expert to facilitator
Exploration of wellness dimensions
Content includes:
Detailed exploration of the wellness dimensions: Breathing, Eating, Sensing, Feeling, Thinking, Moving, Communication, Work & Play, Intimacy, Meaning & Purpose, Transcendence.
Snapshot of key ingredients to include in a wellness plan
1 hour webinar (Monday evenings)
Individual exercises to complete on a weekly basis
Demonstrations – example conversations when exploring specific dimensions
Reflection report from individual exercises
Assignment: 1000 words – review contemporary topic related to wellness (This gives you the capacity to focus on an area of interest)
Wellness Coaching
Now the ‘what is wellness ‘ has been established it is time to get onto the how. Most people know what to do yet struggle with how to integrate wellness behaviours into daily life.
Establishing Rapport
Active Listening
The GROW model
Coaching Questions
Values & Beliefs
Setting up a session & developing a wellness map
Facilitating Life-style change – stages & processes, working with resistance
Holistic approach to health – Mind/body connections
Targeting key issues – stress, inadequate nutrition & inactivity
1 hour webinar weekly on a Monday evening
Paired activities – 4 sessions (compulsory requirement – 1 hour for each session)
Practical application within the webinars (includes demonstrations)
Reflection report in association with paired activity
Written short answer questions related to case study