Value Added Webinars for Online Students – New !!

The Life Coaching Academy offers Nationally and Internationally (International Coach Federation) accredited training is proud to launch their long awaited Online Training Program.

Students are able to speed up their study time by attending the Online Xcelerator webinar. The content of the program which is a Nationally recognized Certificate IV in Life Coaching also includes Nationally recognized NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) content.

Online training is portable, mobile, quick and fun.

Students are assigned their own personal coach and mentor who is able to guide and support them in their journey of becoming an accredited life coach. Students attend online webinars such as Prosperity Coaching, Clearing the Clutter, Planning and goal Setting, 7 Steps to Mental Fitness, You The Coach, 4 Major Personality Types, Rapport . Students are also able to attend NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) webinars, which include: Rapport, Pre-suppositions of NLP, Well Formed Outcomes, NLP Listening Skills, Predicates – Representational Systems and Sub-Modalities.

The Certificate IV in Life Coaching Online also has a practical business component which includes the following webinars: Establish Legal & Risk Requirements, Market the Small Business, Undertake Small Business Planning. The Online students have the option of upgrading to the ICF International Coach Federation Certificate IV in Life Coaching qualification should they wish to by attending the Weekend Workshop which includes the face-to face component of program. Students experience live coaching practicals and observe the GROW model on the weekend. Once students have completed the Certificate IV in Life Coaching they then have the option of upgrading their qualification to:

The Diploma of Life Coaching , this includes a more advanced level of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), students are able to attend the following NLP webinars: Chunking, Anchoring, Eliciting States, Pre-suppositions of NLP, Rapport, Well Formed Outcomes, NLP Listening Skills, Reframing, Predicates – Representational Systems, Metaphor, Meta Model.

The Diploma of Life Coaching Students also have the option of attending an additional NLP Weekend Workshop which offers students practical NLP demonstrations and live case studies. Students gain extremely valuable NLP skills that enhance their ability to coach their clients. The Diploma students achieve the following qualifications: Certificate IV in Life Coaching (ICF – Optional), Certified NLP Practitioner and The Diploma of Life Coaching. Students have the following optional specialist stream of Small Business Management (Nationally Accredited) should they wish to add this to their list of credible qualifications.

The Life Coaching Academy prides itself in Continuous Learning, which enables students to study without having to commit to huge capital outlay, it is based on modular study and relevant payment thereof. The Life Academy has a Business Mentor available to students 7 days a week during working hours, there is no charge for this service.