Reasons to Become a Life Coach

You love to help people. 

People always come to you with their problems. You find great joy in contributing to other. As helping people comes naturally, you might as well make a good living doing it as a coach!

Serving others is an expression of your higher purpose. 

Are you in a job that isn’t fully satisfying? You may be feeling that there’s more to life and you want to experience a greater purpose and meaning in your life and work. Life coaching gives you the opportunity to use your gifts and finally do what you were put here to do.

The work of a coach is aligned with your values. 

Coaches usually experience great peace and satisfaction as they live in harmony with their values. Some of the values might include being of service to others, talking about the things that matter most, making a larger contribution to the world, and helping people achieve their dreams and goals. What are your values? Would you find resonance within yourself if you were a coach and helped other people?

Coaching is about helping the client live in accordance with their values.

People often live in conflict with their values, working for the bottom line instead of focusing on what’s truly important to them. A coach guides people to align themselves with their values and be true to themselves. A coach helps the client carve out a life that works for them and explore their best and highest options.

High wages. 

Coaches can generate high wages. Many charge between $150-500 an hour, and monthly packages or working with certain demographics can command even higher fees. One Executive Coach I know charges $1200 a month to talk to executives for only 10 minutes a week! This prosperity will not happen immediately. You set a fee that is comfortable for you and as you gain experience and a reputation, you will begin to charge higher fees.

Time, freedom, and flexibility.

Coaches have a lot of flexibility with their hours. They can organize their schedule around their other responsibilities, and create preferred hours that match their body clock and circadian rhythm. Some people even work by phone in their pajamas! Others prefer an office setting. You can work locally, internationally, in person, over the phone, and even through online platforms such as Skype in this day and age. The flexibility of this profession is one of the best perks! A graduate of our training currently travels worldwide and works by sailboat!

The opportunity to become your own boss.

Have you dreamed about owning your own business? A company that fuels your passion and allows you to create your own way of doing things and use your efforts to make more money? I often ask people if they were to put the same time and energy into their true interests and passions as they do in their current lackluster job, how different would their lives be? Everyone I asked said they’d be wealthy by now!


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