The Future of Life Coaching in developing countries

Life coaching in the developing countries is practiced less often since it is previously been expensive to hire a coach and also the people who engage in coaching are few which makes it difficult to access the coaching services.

The future of life coaching in developing countries is a bright courtesy of modern technology in the global arena. With the new wave of modern technology such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In, life coaching will experience significant growth.

Individuals and firms will be able to get coaching services from all over the world online, and similarly, the number of people who will engage with life coaching will increase. Life coaching will be intertwined with the education system in developing countries which will benefit students by helping them to design their career path, which is key for them to achieve their goals. Similarly, the economies of the developing nations will rise as companies will be provided with online platforms to access coaching services which are necessary for their growth. Life coaching has become very crucial in shaping the lifestyle and economies of various countries even in developing countries.