January 2017

TAKING those first few steps towards finding a life coach can be the hardest. It is usually an unknown world if you’re searching for a life coach, and it can be quite daunting to know where to begin. A good life coach has the ability to help you unlock your true potential in life, and make the most out of every second along the way. Better still, a good life coach can help facilitate this through a harmonious bonding experience, rather than traditional tough men barking orders at you. The key is being able to find a good coach for you, and this post hopes to guide you to your perfect fit.

Find The Right Coach For You

This means that you should not be selecting a coach blindly or solely on the advice of a friend. The role of a life coach or NLP trainer is very personal, so what is great for your friend might not suit you. It is key that when looking for a life coach that you think about you. Take your friends recommendations on board, certainly, but make sure that the life coach you select is your choice.

Go On Some Test Drives

A Ferrari will drive differently when compared to a Range Rover. Both are great cars, so it is a matter of practicality and taste that will ultimately help you make the choice. It is the exact same story for life coaches – so it makes sense to try out a few different types. Be sure to go into any session with your goals in mind, and share them with each coach. Get some ideas on how they would work with you, and find out what suits you best.

Look For Experience And Quality

This part is especially true if you are green behind the ears in terms of life coaching. As a beginner, you are wanting a coach that can handle all of the questions and problems associated with a newbie. So, ask potential coaches how long they have been coaching professionally. You can even go a step further and ask how many clients they have worked with. Another thing to evaluate is their client success rates and reviews. That way, you can avoid the more unorthodox coaches that exist.

Nurture A Strong Relationship

In order to make the most out of life coaching, it is vital that you build a strong rapport with your coach. This is one of the pillars of success in life coaching, and underpins the overall goal. A good working relationship with your life coach will nurture respect, trust and compassion that helps build toward your true goals in life.