August 2019

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ICF has taken the lead in developing a definition and philosophy of coaching and establishing ethical standards among its members. Through its own Code of Ethics, Ethical Conduct Review Process, Program Complaint Process and Independent Review Board (IRB), ICF sets professional coaching standards while also giving consumers a venue to file ethics complaints about ICF Members, ICF Credential-holders or ICF-accredited training programs

ACTP Accreditation

Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) accreditation is intended for third party training providers who are interested in having their training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ACTP accredited programs are considered “all inclusive” training programs, which offer start to finish coach training. A minimum of 125 student contact hours, Mentor Coaching and a performance evaluation process are required for ACTP approval.

Graduates of an ACTP program may apply for an individual ICF Credential via the ACTP credential application path.

  • Professional Certified Coach with ICF Life Coaching
  • Certificate 4 with Life Coaching Academy 2002
  • Master Life Coaching certification with The Coaching Institute 2016
  • Qualified Voice Coach – IVA and Vocal Process
  • Sedona Method – Letting Go
  • Advance Practitioner with NLP – Marin
  • Integrative 9 Enneagram Profile
  • EDISC Level 2 consultant

Maria Pellicano is a life and business coach voice coach.
She specialises in human behaviour, personality profiling and voice technique, helping professionals, leaders & organisations improve speaking, being passionate and deeply engaged with others.
Maria has developed a 3-step model: Mindset, Message and Voice for powerful influential communication and delivers workshops and private coaching to executives and business leaders

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I am an international speaker, singer, author and coach, director and founder of Harness your Voice, for speakers’ voice training, and SingOut Singing and Performance School, providing singing and performance training. I am a qualified vocal coach, certified with the Institute of Vocal Advancement and Speech Level Singing and a Master Coach in human behaviour and Neuro Linguistic. I use not just my qualifications in training and development but personal hands-on experience as a regular singer for weddings, funerals and other special events. My passion is speaking and delivering workshops to help clients and students use their voice with confidence and influence. Using a blend of voice technique and control with human behaviour strategies and awareness, aligning both voice and emotions, I enable a powerful performance that changes audiences and is memorable. Whether you are singing or speaking the human voice is the organ of the soul and it is there to reach out to people helping them feel the words, to be changed by the passion in the voice. Over the past 40 years of being a singer and a teacher, having both ups and downs with my own voice, from voice fatigue and strain to complete freedom and access to my full vocal range, I believe I have found a way to help anyone’s voice sound amazing. Along the way, I studied singing with numerous teachers but the one teacher I experienced the most significant difference with was Seth Riggs of Speech Level Singing technique. The methodology is about mixing both registers, the lower and higher frequencies of the voice, so that there is a balanced tonality and quality, and an extended full range of the voice, resonating freely and projecting effortlessly. I have been working with performance and voice for the past 20 years, incorporating over 10,000 hours of private tuition, master classes and workshops, helping singers, actors, speakers, trainers, business leaders, teachers and preachers speak with control and passion. I focus on voice quality, control and strength and the delivery of strong, confident and engaging singing and speaking. This results in a voice that can change the atmosphere by creating emotion, inspiration and meaning in words so that audiences are moved and engaged. In my work I coach and mentor in vocal technique, mindset, and message delivery for powerful communication. I have seen repetitively that a voice is not heard unless there is an alignment with the mind and the message, and that you cannot use your voice powerfully without deep connection and purpose. Vocal tonality is created not just by the physical aspects of our throat but also by the nervous system and emotional system that influence the vocal tissue to create how we end up sounding. I develop strategies that close the gap for speakers and singers using a combination of vocal technique and human behaviour knowledge, EDISC and Enneagram profiling and my years of experience to enable speakers, business leaders and artists develop not only their voice tone and style but a unique mindset and message that can provoke emotion in audiences that creates lasting results. If you are singer and your voice lacks presence, sounds boring, cracks and you are self conscious because you don’t trust your voice, if you struggle to be heard clearly or your voice is not memorable, I can help you strengthen your voice and connect to your emotions to create meaning in how you perform. If you are a speaker and have been told you are too soft or too loud, too demanding, monotone, too shallow or disconnected from your audiences, then I can assist you develop a persona with a speaking voice for powerful communication. If you want to have more influence, make more sales and sound more certain, this is all about having an intentional presence through your speaking voice that is inspirational, memorable and on purpose. I am the author of a book called “The Art of Powerful Communication”. My passion for voice has lead me into coaching and mentoring business leaders, teams, and private clients to communicate with authenticity and power. I believe you can be a powerful communicator when you align your mindset, message and voice with awareness, technique and skill. My book recently achieved best seller in seven Amazon categories. A number of my articles have been featured in the International Coaching Guild magazine, women magazines and on LinkedIn. I am interviewed on podcasts and radio and regularly speak on “Confident Speaking” or “The Engaging Voice” in network meetings and businesses. Hosting workshops and presentations for private and corporate businesses, I have worked with international and national businesses, recently consulting for trivago in Germany and AGL in Melbourne.

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