Mindset Coaching Course is Back 25 April 2023

This 10-week course is an interactive course teaching the value of mindset. In this course you will be invited to look at how mindset affects everything we do, every day.

Learn skills on how to recognise negative mindsets and how to flip those around using powerful proven techniques. Learn how to develop that growth mindset, where you can set your goals in line with your values and use strategies to keep yourself motivated and on track. Learn tips on self-care so that we can feel our best, show up in the world feeling our best, giving us great opportunities in our personal and business lives.

Course Outcomes

The student develops an understanding of mindset, past, present and future.

The student identifies where they can improve their own mindset by using skills and strategies taught.

The student will set some personal goals as a homework task and have the opportunity to use the course as a personal development exercise whilst learning lifelong skills.

The student will be able to understand mindset and its importance so they can incorporate the learnings into their personal lives and business lives.

The student will set effective goals and be aware of the power of failure being feedback.

Students will have a knowledge of the mind and body working together and being affected by day-to-day mindsets.

The student will learn how to develop strategies to use their mind to their advantage, including using powerful tools like future pacing.


Tuesday evening 7pm AEST

25th April – 27th June


Zoom Session Link


$600 Upfront


$200 Deposit & 2 instalments of 200pm

Click on link for more information:  Mindset Coaching Short course