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Mic Conway

Professional Life Coach

Mic is an accredited performance and life coach and an active trainer of coaches. He also delivers keynote presentations and workshops.

Mic likes to compare life to being in a game; “Life is like a big global game and we are the players. As with any game, there must be goals. Without goals to aim at, the players lose direction, become bored and the game goes around in circles.” Sound familiar?

Mic’s confidence and awareness translate to a subtle yet powerful style, and his energy becomes apparent when he trains and presents. He has the ability to draw the best from people, both in one on one meetings or in groups. “I believe that greatness is within everyone and it is my goal to bring that greatness to the surface”, he explains.


His peers refer him to as a “natural coach”. He has a very grounded approach to his coaching and draws on the skills he has gained from the sporting and business arenas to accelerate his clients towards their goals or objectives.

Mic believes that his service to his clients is the direct result of him knowing his craft. Because of this belief he continues to seek out both new and existing literature concerning all models of coaching. He undertakes new courses and workshops on a regular basis. He believes that there is always more than one way of doing something and as a result he continually works on his personal growth and the development of his coaching skills.

“I love to see others succeed and to know that I played some part in the process”, Mic enthuses.

Actively involved in the development of the Life Coaching Academy in the Australasian region, Mic is also a mentor or coaches, and a member of the LCA’s Education Advisory Committee and the International Coaching Federation.

He notes that his greatest achievement to date is finding a balance between career, family, health and finances.

“Life not going to plan? What was the plan?”


Professional Life Coach


Mic Conway

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