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Simona Jankulovska

Simona Jankulovska is a life and wellness coach. She specialises in goal setting, stress management and personal issues and is deeply passionate about helping others find what they have been searching for. Simona believes that we all need someone who will listen to the words that are both said and unsaid and provide the emotional and mental support needed to make the changes for a better and happier life.


It is never easy summarising who a person is, simply because a person cannot be described with just a few words. Life is not an easy journey nor is it a journey you need to take alone. There have been many times throughout my life where I have made a decision based on what others have told me I should do. There were times when I felt that I didn’t have a person I could vent to who could help me plan out my next move. These missteps are what led to me making the move to becoming a life coach. I believe that we should all have a person who will sit and listen to what we have to say and help us make the move that aligns with our own dreams. I want to be there for people who feel like there is no one there for them in their time of need. I use not only my professional qualifications but also my own experiences with life to lead a non-judgemental session for each client so that they have the opportunity to express their inner thoughts and desires. It is important to provide a safe environment for all and it is my own personal goal to make clients feel safe, heard and respected.


Certificate IV in Life Coaching

Recognised Professional Coach ICF ACTP

Certified Wellness Coach


Simona Jankulovska

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