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Revive Coaching

At Revive Coaching our aim is to support busy professionals to reclaim and better manage their energy resources to prevent or recover from burnout and extreme fatigue.

When our lives are out of kilter it makes us susceptible to dis-eases, immune conditions, poor quality of life, and robs us of the focus of what is truly important to us. This varies from person to person, but unless one stops and considers what they want, precious time and energy is wasted.

A reharmonization of your life can bring improved health, social interaction, creativity, joy, and fulfillment. This ripple effect brings greater attention and productivity, and reduced stress and fatigue to both work and personal endeavours.

If you are ‘tired but wired’, or are feeling prolonged exhaustion, frustration, stress, overwhelm, or at a loss at what your next step is, reach out – we would love to help.


Business Issues, Career, Goal Setting & Self Development, Health & Lifestyle, Motivation & Time Management, Relationships & Personal Issues, Spiritual, Stress Management

Louise Johnson


Certificate IV in Life Coaching
Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Molecular and Cell Biology
Recognise and Respond to Crisis Situations

Louise Johnson

Revive Coaching

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