Hindsight…what if I did that?….Where would I be now?

1.understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed

Ahhh Hindsight!  Reflecting back on a choice, event or decision after the fact.

Its amazing how many of us have big plans or dreams and we are certain they are the way forward,  Thinking logically about our futures and the things we know deep down we should do.

I reflect back to last year when we were in lock down and all the things I decided I was going to finally do.  I am not talking about cleaning out my wardrobe or tupperware draw (mind you they really could do with attention).

No,  am talking about all the internal conversations I had with myself about not ever being in that situation again.

The situation of not being secure in my job, not have financial security, not being able to perform my daily function virtually without many expensive adjustments. I vowed then and there that I was going to look forward.  Look into my skills and passions and find something I wanted to do.  Something that not only financially fulfilled me but spiritually and emotionally so I could contribute positively to my world and those around me.  I was so pumped and ready.

I felt like the lockdown had presented me with new opportunities and a clean slate almost.

Fast track to June 2021 and just entering a snap lockdown for 3 days (Not such a big deal right?).  Will it only be 3 days, will it be the only lockdown still to come?

Well, needless to say I have just recalled all those conversations I had.  All those certain ideas I had.  The way forward.  My fail safe for uncertain terms.

I never did follow through with any of them.  Why?  Thats the million dollar question really!

Did I let limiting beliefs stop me?  Did I let fear stop me?  Did I get consumed with returning to the new norm and forget about me?  Did I make excuses about timing and money?  I did think I was too old to take a leap if faith?

Truth be told….It was all of the above.  Sadly today I look back and regret no taking those steps to set myself up for times like these.  I could have been a qualified coach!!  I could have a business running!  I could coach remotely using Zoom/Skype/Microsoft teams or any other amazing digital platform available.  Sadly I am back to the same conversations I had with myself 12 months ago.

In hindsight…I should have gone with my intuition and done it.  I dont think lockdowns will end anytime soon firstly, and secondly we live in a world that allows us to communicate through so many platforms.  Nobody needs to feel alone.

So I have decided regardless of global pandemics and such, I am going to embark on the journey of being a Life Coach.

I am going to create a side hussle for myself and I am going to tap into those empathetic skills I have and put them to good use.  I am going to help empower people to overcome their own limiting beliefs and fears.

I am going to set myself up to be able to work from anywhere at anytime.

I am going to be a Life Coach!