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Heidi Hunter

Holistic Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Heidi is a Professional Life Coach and Speaker. She is a keen networker and delivers keynote presentations, trainings, seminars, workshops and tele-classes.

Considered by many to be one of the most knowledgeable coaches and teachers in the world today, her groundbreaking style is humorous, poignant and transformational. Miracles just happen.

Frequently referred to as the Coaches Coach because of the impact she has made on other coaches and modern-day thinkers, Heidi has exerted a subtle, long-running influence on the worldwide movement toward a holistic awareness and peace by allowing the flow of higher consciousness and embracing personal power. Electric, dynamic and dazzling, her trainings, seminars, workshops and tele-classes are a virtual show in themselves. Heidi is often described as a very intuitive woman with a mysterious, powerful person. Those who are coached by Heidi however quickly realize that at heart, Heidi is an enormously loving, generous and caring teacher, whose primary mission is to help seekers recognize their own truth, light and beauty within them.

With that in mind, Heidi is destined to leave a lasting legacy for all those committed to discovering their higher purpose and living it with creativity, integrity, congruency and to be excited about together having fun creating Heaven on Earth.


Heidi is passionate about the ‘continual improvement of the planet, people’s lifestyle and business and to do this in a way that is simple and fun.’ She wants to help you achieve whatever it is that is your passion or dream.

Having completed a Science Degree with an emphasis on the environment and health, Heidi undertook further studies and gained experience in the areas of environment, safety, occupational hygiene, health, fitness and life coaching. Heidi’s background, as a qualified safety officer, Health, Safety and Environment Manager and TAFE College Trainer, is in health & safety management, environmental management, training and health & lifestyle coaching. She has coached and assisted management in large theme parks and teams of showmen in the Service and Leisure industries, as well as coaching individual private clients. She is passionate about helping the Life Coaching Academy grow and become the Number One coaching organisation not just in Australia but the world!

Heidi’s approach to coaching is holistic and assists clients to integrate physical, intellectual and spiritual parts of their lives.. This overlaps well with taking responsibility for one’s own health, safety and environment in the business world. Her coaching is based on real experience and understanding of the challenges and changes needed in today’s professional environment and the needs of the planet. Her tailored coaching and/or training programs create a unique partnership…she truly is a partner in your success.

Heidi brings a warm balance of wisdom, intimacy, laughter, and vision to coaching and as a speaker around the world. She loves to extract spiritual lessons from the practical experiences of daily living and find beauty in the seemingly mundane.

Many coaching clients and senior management in business have reported that her teachings have given them clear direction, encouragement and empowerment as they moved through a difficult or transitional phase of their life or business and were able to take simple conscious action in creating the life and business they deserve.

You will not only benefit from her knowledge and wisdom, but you will be kept on track and she will make sure you succeed. You see, in the business of ‘BEING THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE’ it’s not about just knowing what to do, the most successful person is the one who does what they know. And that’s where Heidi as your coach or speaker at your next even comes in…Discover how Heidi has the skills, experience and the commitment to want to help YOU and YOUR TEAM have more FUN, Balance, Health, Energy and Prosperity in all areas of life…

As Walt Disney Said:- “If you dream it, you can do it!”


Holistic Life Coach

Trainer and Speaker


Heidi Hunter

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