Enough is Enough – You deserve more! You need to read this if you have looked into Life coach training…

What a week!

Its Wednesday and in the last 3 days I have had multiple conversations with people who are nearly at their wits end when it comes to trying to find a Life Coaching course.  Their passion that started their search has died and they dont even open their emails anymore.  They are even too dismayed to unsubscribe themselves.  Enough is Enough!  We are fed up with the information that is out there and the excessive price tags attached to sub-standard courses.

We generally keep a low profile because we know we have all the recognitions and accreditations necessary but today was frustrating and exhausting to hear the absolute nonsense that is being delivered.

Here we go! Its a solid rant so stick around.

First, I have been told that National Recognition is a broadly and vaguely used term whereby training organisations that are recognised in any capacity can call themselves Nationally recognised.  Example:  I live in Perth and googled Life coaching courses and looked into a course that was delivered in Melbourne….yes, you guessed it – that has been deemed Nationally Recognised!!!

No.  That is not Nationally Recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation holding a RTO Number under the regulatory body of ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).

If a training organisation is not a true RTO found on the www.training.gov.au website, they are not a registered training organisation!!  Why would they not be I hear you ask?… because they and their/or the program does not meet the minimum criteria set by ASQA.

Granted it costs a bucket load of money and constant audits to retain this recognition but would you want to study and pay for a course that is not able or willing to meet this standard?  I hope not.

Second golden nugget, relayed to me was a training organisation claiming to choose to not be a RTO to pass on the savings to the student….what!!!  Choosing to affiliate themselves with a non-recognised accreditation body to sway your thought process.

Imagine this: I am a a qualified personal trainer and decide I want to deliver my own course to students so I create a fabulous accredited course, accredited by myself called the “This has no substance but I will take your money anyway accreditation”  Yes, I heard you giggle at the ridiculous thought that this is a possibility, but it truly is !  Many accreditations are created by a fictitious board of people with a heap of acronyms.

Third piece of amazement,  claiming to hold international accreditation but, not with the ICF!!  Again, that word accreditation pops up… So how is this possible or what does it mean.  Once again, it comes down to a training organisation not being able to meet the minimum criteria set by an actual governing body and then creating one themselves.  Anyone can accredit anything because it has no meaning unless there is a regulatory process and a code of ethics.  Right this minute, I have accredited you in the course of Enough is Enough – go out into the world and coach people because I said you are accredited. LOL but not funny when you are working with people.

Fourth mind blowing and near tears revelation, was a very passionate and determined human wanting to change their own life, create a second income and a strong believer they have loads to offer and contribute to someone elses life..

Enrol for a ICF ACTP level course that is Nationally recognised (Government Accredited) – YAY winning!! No, sadly to be told that Level 1 ICF accreditation would cost $3000 and if you wanted Level 2 ICF Accreditation that would cost a further $7000 – WHAT!!!

Also, to add salt to the wound, assessments would cost extra and the course did not even offer the minimum mentor hours or pro-bono hours required which in turn would result in further activities and costs.  COME ON!!!

Why oh why is this so difficult?

Okay, the short version of the debacle is we as training organisations have been made aware the regulation is impending.  We have also been told what the minimum requirement will be:  Nationally recognised (Government Accredited) Cert IV which enables you to obtain Professional indemnity insurance.

If you want to set yourself apart from every man and his coaching dog, a ICF ACTP LVL 2 accredited program is a huge bonus as  you are seen to be an elite coach and can charge more for your services with a globally recognised credentialing pathway to the PCC level.

With this being said and holding back on the other 6 points I could make of the ludicrous nature of this game, please, please do your due diligence and ask the pointy questions, find out what you are about to spend money but more importantly valuable time on??

Why spend $10k or $14k on a program that doesnt give you the absolute bare minimum for you and that doesnt show you the authenticity of the organisation.

This is not a post to encourage you to join us, this is a post to help and plead with you to not waste your time or money on rubbish.

Dont look for a quick cheap course that will only cause you to re-study and re-pay.

Investigate and ask questions!  Most of us have been in this industry long enough to tell you the hard truth and if you want it we will give it to you.

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Lets put an end to the ludicrous mis-representation of a real future and re-ignite the passion that burns in your belly!  Enough is enough to all you sub-standard, non-transparent, money grabbing providers