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Ermington, Sydney, NSW

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Empower Self – Veronica Albert

My name is Veronica Albert; I went into Life Coaching to help women suffering in silence.

I was diagnosed with Chronic nerve pain in 2013; I thought I had learnt to deal with this diagnosis.

However, all I did was sweep it under the carpet and keep living my life. I started to drink in the evening to numb the pain, but I lived an everyday life during the day. I began to put on weight, and my pain increased. The stresses I had at my corporate job did not help.

In 2017 I decided it would be best for me to resign and focus on my health; however, after visits to different neurologists and no answers, I went into a rabbit hole of depressions and excessive drinking.

2019 I decided to take back my life, and it was time to make changes; I changed my diet and the way I was living. I lost 30kilos and had more energy than I had ever had.

This journey made me realise that there are so many women out there suffering in silence, struggling with internal pain but keeping going on with life because they have no other choice.

I suffered for too long and learnt the hard way, and if I can at least help one woman from herself and her suffering, I feel like I have fulfilled my purpose.

I am an Emotional Wellness Coach. I help women dealing with chronic pain manage their pain by living a healthy lifestyle. I help them gain confidence in themselves and their body by understanding their habits and behaviours and providing them with tools to have a growth mind. I assist them to balance their head, heart & gut so they are able to manage their pain more effectively and confidently.


Certificate IV Life coaching

Professional Coach

Health & Wellness Practitioner

Bachelors Degree In International Business Majoring Marketing

Advanced Diploma in International Marketing


Empower Self – Veronica Albert

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