Ditch Procrastination!!!!!

As human beings, it’s safe to say many of us can often spend far too much time overthinking our problems within our lives. It is a huge challenge and across the board, we’re forced to stop and ponder over various key points; whether it be work, home, relationship or personally related. In fact, around 95% of us fall into this trap to some degree, according to considerable research by Dr Piers Steel, a Psychologist at the University of Calgary and the world’s foremost authority on procrastination.

Procrastination is more than just a waste of our own resources. Research has shown that persistent worry, over-thinking and ‘holding back’ can damage your happiness, your health and lower your self-esteem. It can even ruin your career, reputation and relationships with the people you love.

Such vacillation comes into play when our negative thoughts talk us into engaging in anything other than the task we know we should be completing. The more negative emotions we apply to a certain task, the more likely we are to waver and delay positive responses; thus even possibly talking ourselves into making completely the wrong decision.

Persistent avoidance of targeting problems via procrastination is a deeply rooted pattern of behaviour and this cannot be resolved overnight. However, as with most habits, it can be changed over time. Consistent practice in positively changing our thoughts or beliefs can go a long way towards the best possible chance of succeeding.

These below steps could be a great starting point to encourage serial overthinkers to a more positive path in problem solving. We hope you enjoy and find this infographic useful.