Become an Excellent Self-Promoter

There is an awful lot of nonsense written about whether good sales people are born or made. Anyone, yes, I mean anyone, can be taught how to be a good sales person, or to put it another way, a great self promoter – a vital skill for all coaches. Anyone can be taught to follow a process and learn how to be engaging, charismatic and impactful.

Anyone can be taught to actively listen to clients and to ask appropriate and insightful question.

So what is the key attribute?

Most people will say ‘Attitude’ and I’d agree wholeheartedly, but, is attitude something we are born with? Surely, attitude is something we develop and learn over time. We can change our attitudes and our beliefs if we choose to. I do this on a regular basis with my clients. The most common self-sabotage mistake are limiting beliefs. Our thoughts and words are powerful. They are the number one support tool we have to guide us towards our goals. When we don’t believe we can, we won’t. It’s a universal law that those things we say to ourselves as well as what we think about, manifests in our lives.

Changing your belief system as it relates to your success is the number 1 first step towards achieving success. Believe that you can and you will.

So what is the difference that makes the difference?

Maybe it’s desire. But are we born with a desire to succeed or is this learnt? When we come into the world are some predestined for greatness and others not? Is it purely a genetic lottery? We have all heard of success stories of people rising up from seemingly hopeless and less than ideal situations yet against all the odds become hugely successful. Was this ordained? Was this spirit there at birth or was it learnt? Was it their experiences in their formative years that planted the seed of desire to rise up and be successful?

You can become whatever you desire if you have the right attitude and if your attitudes or beliefs are less than what you want or need then you can learn how to change them.

Banish your limiting beliefs, revive your attitude and you can become more confident and resourceful and ultimately become the person you desire to be. You hold the keys to your success –

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