A look at One ICF

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A look at One ICF

ICF CEO Magdalena Nowicka Mook spoke with Coaching World about the new brand and what it means for the future of ICF and the coaching profession.
“It is quite exciting to launch the refreshed brand for ICF. The impetus for this has been the transformation of our organization at the beginning of 2020 as we introduced “One ICF” and six family organizations. This specifically responds to the needs of the growing coaching marketplace. So in order for ICF to truly be able to deliver on its vision and mission of coaching becoming an integral part of a thriving society, we needed to reinvent ourselves to stay true to that mission.
The brand is simply an extension of that thinking and a better illustration of how all stakeholders in our sphere can relate and be a part of One ICF.”

Inside ICF Thought Leadership Institute
ICF Thought Leadership Institute Vice President Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., spoke with Coaching World about the new organization and the future of coaching.
“Our vision is really to be a global hub for human development that shows how coaching contributes to the United Nations Action Plan for Peace, Prosperity, People, Planet and Partnership. This vision is grounded in the UN’s action plan framework, and we want to lead the way in how coaching contributes to societal well-being and sustainability. So, over the past year, we’ve grounded our mission in something that’s big and something that’s looking to the future because that’s what we’re about. ”

Inside ICF Coaching in Organizations
ICF Coaching in Organizations Vice President Renée Robertson, PCC, SCP, spoke with Coaching World about the new membership organization, and the history and future of internal coaching.
“Let’s start with the definition of culture – the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a social group or in this context, an organization. Now take ICF’s definition of coaching – ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.’ Then, when you think of how the two overlap, you can see how coaching becomes an integral part of shaping an organization’s culture – it becomes a facilitator or an accelerant. In essence, coaching can be a catalyst to developing new ways of thinking, behaving, and ultimately driving performance and results.”

Inside the ICF Foundation
ICF Foundation Vice President Coura Badiane, MBA, CAE, spoke with Coaching World about the new brand and what it means for societal progress.
“The ICF Foundation is the nonprofit, philanthropic piece of the ICF ecosystem. Our main philosophy is that social system change is accelerated and amplified by professional coaching—that’s our guiding light…Our mission is to promote the potential social impact that coaching can have at the individual and the organizational level. ”

Inside ICF Coach Training
ICF Coach Training Vice President Luke Davis, M.Ed., spoke with Coaching World about how the new brand amplifies the work of accredited coach training providers and leveraging each ICF organization’s work to impact the world.
“It’s about having this ecosystem with all these parts, but that then comes together in this perfect unison of leveraging each other’s strengths; creating economies of scale; and creating collaborative partnerships to be able to engage and talk about what the future looks like, what the current world of coach training or professional coaches or coaching in organizations looks like and how can we utilize each other to talk about that vision and mission, about what we want to accomplish.”

Inside ICF Professional Coaches
Former ICF Professional Coaches Vice President Ann Rindone, ACC, spoke with Coaching World about empowerment, innovation and putting the success of ICF Coaches first.
“I think the big word here for us is bold. For the last 25 years ICF has been about giving coaches who change the world the tools they need to change it. Now, through ICF Professional Coaches, our new emboldened purpose is to empower coaches to achieve their ultimate goal. We have greater focus on helping you grow your clients and your business so that you can go change the world.”

Inside ICF Credentials and Standards
ICF Credentials and Standards Vice President Carrie Abner spoke with Coaching World about what the new brand means for current and future ICF Credential-holders—and their coaching clients.
“In short, our mission and our goal is to elevate the ICF Credential as the global gold standard, known and respected as the highest standard of practice, based on rigorous research and empirical evidence, while delivered with elegant simplicity and a human touch. In doing so, we really provide an important quality assurance to coaching clients, and we empower ICF Credential-holders to shine. That’s something that we have done for a quarter of a century and we look forward to continuing to do in the years to come under our new structure as ICF Credentials and Standards.”