7 tips to develop a Growth Mindset

As many of you know, the term Growth Mindset was coined by over 30 years ago by Dr Carol Dweck and her colleagues, through their research on students’ attitudes about failure.

She created the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.

When we believe we can get smarter or learn something new, we understand that effort makes us stronger. Therefore, we will put in extra time and effort, which leads to higher achievement.

A Growth Mindset embraces challenges and views failure “not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.”

Research in neuroscience shows that the brain can change and with practice neural networks grow new connections, strengthen existing ones, and build insulation that speeds transmission of impulses (neuroplasticity).

To cut to the chase, there is a link between mindset and achievement.

If you believe your brain can grow, you behave differently.

So, you can change.

Here’s some tips how to develop a growth mindset:

1.     Be aware of your current mindset, specifically listening for limiting beliefs about what you think isn’t possible
– Look for evidence that it is possible (e.g., if someone else has done it)
– Decide you want to learn – do you really want to? Is it aligned with your Purpose? Your Why?

2.     Use the word YET – replace:
– “I can’t do that” with “I can’t do that YET”
– “I don’t know how to” with “I don’t know how to YET”

3.     Embrace Failures
– Use the mantra – “There is no feedback, only feedback”
– Learn from mistakes
– If something’s not working, try something else
– Think Edison and light bulbs

4.     Take on Challenges
– Taking just one step out of your comfort zone expands your comfort zone

5.   Ask for feedback, decide if its useful & act on it

6.     Enjoy the process – there’s always more!

7.     Get a coach or become a coach!
– A coach can support you with self-awareness & insight, defining your Purpose and Values, identifying and changing limiting beliefs, tapping into your inner resources to achieve your desired outcomes!

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Dr Marli Watt – https://marliwatt.com