7 Habits of a Change-Maker

As someone who is committed to making a positive and lasting difference myself, the topic of making a change and leaving your mark is one close to my heart. Being a change maker isn’t limited to a special handful of people; we can all go out and make a difference in our own special way. Having had the pleasure of working alongside so many fantastic Coaches and Trainers over the years I’ve noticed some common behaviours that have assisted them in leaving their dent in the universe.

1. They commit to their passion

Change makers have an extreme level of commitment to their ‘why’, it’s what pulls them out of bed and drives them forward. For many their why is a passion that’s born from turning their ‘mess into their message’ providing them with inexhaustible levels of drive and determination to get out there align with their purpose and make things happen.

Some questions which can help you to align with your why are:

  • What are the things I believe in most?
  • What do you want I want to give back to the world?
  • What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

2. They continually better themselves

Those who make an impact understand that their knowledge is never complete; they are always looking to learn more about themselves and the world around them so they can stretch past their limitations and offer the world their best. A way to get clarity around the areas they can improve is by conducting a personal SWOT analysis.  Some questions to consider when drawing up a personal SWOT are:


  • What are my existing strengths?
  • What do other people see as my strengths?
  • Which achievements am I most proud of?


  • What areas of my life hold me back?
  • Am I happy with my existing education and skills training?
  • What habits or personality traits would I like to improve?


  • Could I enlist the services of a Life Coach to accelerate my success?
  • What healthy habits could I incorporate into my lifestyle?


  • What beliefs/fears are holding me back?
  • What wouldn’t happen if I didn’t make a change?

3. They embrace feedback

Some of the most powerful change makers I’ve come across are open to feedback; many of them are open to constructive criticism in order to help them grow, be more effective and embrace any challenges that come their way. Change makers view feedback as fuel that helps them to strengthen their work and ideas. Joining a mastermind group or asking a trusted friend to provide you with feedback on your ideas is a great way for you to view things with a fresh perspective.

4. They connect with other people

Many change makers are driven by a desire to positively influence others, they understand the power of relationships and aren’t afraid to get out there and connect with others, they believe sharing their knowledge, skills and talents with others can provide both parties with valuable viewpoints and mutually beneficial relationships to reach their goals faster.  Attending events on your topic of interest is a great way to connect with people who you may be able to build a good synergy with.

5. They walk their talk

Change-makers understand the importance of remaining congruent with their values and ensure their words match their actions. Knowledge is one thing but the application of it is another. Considering what areas of your life your words may not be matching your actions is a good way to start unpicking what could be holding you back from walking your talk. Working with an NLP practitioner is a great way to get some clarity on overcoming patterns of behaviour which could be holding you back from reaching your goals so that you can take action and live in your truth.

6. They view the journey as the goal

Change makers understand that the journey is just as essential as the attainment of the goal. They have faith in the fact that everything they learn, experience and build along the way is a part of the big picture. This mentality helps them to remain persistent, view failure as a learning curve, and remain flexible in their approach; it is with this outlook that many of them are able to keep pushing forwards when the going gets tough. A change maker keeps going until they have achieved their mission.

7. They help others

Those who are committed to positively impacting the world are happy to help and support others along the way. They adopt a give before you get philosophy and understand that inspiring and uplifting others is the best way for them to make a meaningful impact to the lives of others. When you help others not only do you feel good about yourself, you’re able to pay it forward knowing that you’ve contributed to making the world a better place.

A change maker is someone who has a vision of the future that excites them to get out of bed in the morning and make a difference. When you create a vision that moves you to do things you’ve never done, you’ll find yourself in wonderful new places you’ve never been.