5 Action Steps for Success

The Life Coaching Academy
How many articles, newsletters, TV stories and just general presentations and conversations are focused on how awful things are today? Well I believe it’s too many. Remember the phrase: If you complain about a situation and do not bring a solution, you are only whining?

Let’s change that and talk about what’s good, putting our focus on solutions, not complaints and acting on what we can control instead of worrying about what we can’t.
So what’s next? It’s a simple set of action items starting with your very first breath in the morning and ending with how you go to sleep at night.

Step #1: On a Saturday morning, before you begin your weekend chores find a quite place and a very inexpensive notebook. On page one mark the date and begin to write your true vision for the next 90 days. This does not have to be a life long goal, not a big vision, just what you truly believe needs to happen in the next 90 days to give you a better, happier, more fulfilled life. Write it as if the 90 days has passed and you are celebrating your success.

Example: I am so excited and pleased now that I have created family profit of $2,000 in the last 90 days. My work has been more gratifying, my family more cheerful as we all worked together to control our spending, find ways to bring in more money to our household and fun ways to save. We can now work on the next 90 day goal! I am grateful for this success.

Step #2: Do you feel good when you read that statement? Great, you should, the goal is specific and measurable with a set number to achieve by a set time. Now, how do we get that to happen? Step #2 is all about the path. If this is your goal, you must share it with the family and have a mind storming session. All members looking for ways to make this goal a reality, from knowing your income and spending today, to ideas for fund raising for your family, to where you can control costs by each member of your team! Write them all down so all can see.

Step #3: Every day pick 5 items on the list of “To Dos” that move you toward your goal, work on them and only them that day, check at the end of the day to see how well you did, cross of the DONE and take the rest to the next day’s list of 5, don’t ignore any of them, remember you have 90 days to make this happen, at 5 per day that means you can do 450 things to help you to your goal, that’s a lot! Smile, these are fun ways to get you to the finish line.

Step #4: At the end of each week, meet as a family (remember this is for the sample goal) and review your progress. If you goal is just personal, review it in a quiet place with yourself. Re-energize to move into the next week celebrating your progress and reinforcing your work still to be done.

Step #5: At the 90 day mark – reward the team for its success! If you accomplished only 70% of your goal,great job! Remember, its not about getting 100% on the test, it’s the journey and accomplishment. We all start somewhere and 70% of your goal is 70% better than you were 90 days ago.

OK. Let’s start the process all over again! With this plan you take action, not whine about how bad things are. You are the only one who can help you. Work with others, yes, make them responsible for you,, NO.

It’s your time! Make it happen today.