Self Empowerment & Transformation Course TBA

Once we own our power in this world and learn the skill of self empowerment there is no stopping us achieving our desires

10 weeks duration

Immediate focus

Price: $600.00

Self Empowerment & Transformation Course TBA

Your course tutor is Kim McNamara, who originally trained with the Life Coaching Academy in 2004 and has enjoyed a successful coaching career.  Kim is also an NLP Master Practitioner in Communication and Business Communication, a Hypnotherapist, an mBIT coach and has a Diploma in Psychology.  This array of training makes Kim’s courses very well rounded with insightful tips and strategies that are easy to use by anyone. These courses are a great way to learn as you go, implementing new learnings throughout the course while having a coach that can guide you through blocks you might want to discuss along the way.



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This is an exciting course around Self empowerment and transformation. Once we own our power in this world and learn the skill of self empowerment there is no stopping us achieving our desires.  In this course we talk about shifting from the mindset of life happening to us towards a more healthy and powerful version of us creating our own destiny.  Throughout this course there will be many tips and strategies to learn to keep ourselves on track to be our best version of ourselves.  When we are aware of self empowerment and invested in our own transformation, we rise above our limiting belief version of ourselves and evolve into a powerful being that creates their own destiny.  This is an empowering course that is designed to shift any thinking that is holding you back.


Students look at where they are now and what their current dreams and goals are. Students learn about how our unconscious mind can keep us stuck in old belief patterns, some that are ours and some that are inherited. Students learn how to effectively set goals and how to powerfully remove blocks by mastering the unconscious mind & comfort zones. Students have the ability to set goals throughout this course and touch base with the tutor or progress and potential blocks. Students learn the power of effective future pacing to set up their success in achieving goals and dreams.  
Week 1 Introduction to course, Student expectations. Explain self empowerment and transformation.
Week 2 Talk about values and teach values hierarchy. Set a goal for the next 8 weeks.
Week 3 Talk about self limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns & where some of our excuses come from. Learn about spiral dynamics.
Week 4 Learn the art of mastering the conscious and the unconscious mind, introduction into metaprograms and their relationship with goal setting.
Week 5 Discuss potential issues with student goals and sabotage patterns that might be present.  Talk about accountability and creating the circle of people who will empower us to continue.
Week 6 Introduce the concept of decision making with the 3 brains, the mind, heart and gut. Talk about potential sabotage from different brains in goal setting.
Week 7 Teach the circle of excellent and powerful anchoring strategies.
Week 8 Talk about goals, dreams and vision amongst trying to balance life in general.
Week 9 Learn the skill of powerful future pacing, daily motivational script work and the power of setting up celebrations for goals not yet achieved.
Week 10 Learn the concept of copy and paste.  Review the past week's learnings and bring the whole course together.


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Wish I had done this course along time ago. The connections are amazing to learn and understand. I am so excited to help my clients see what their true potential can be and how to get there!

Peta M - LCA Graduate

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