Stress Management & Balance Starts 10 January 2024

This is an insightful course around stress, stress management and finding balance in a busy world.

Through this course you will learn what stress is, how it affects us and those around us, how to identify stress and great tips and tricks on how to eliminate some stresses to build a healthy lifestyle that is balanced in this busy world.  Also included in this course is how you could help others to manage their stress as well. Stress is always going to be around us but it is about how we perceive stress and how we then go on to manage and process that stressful situation.  At the end of this course you will have a tool box of useful strategies that you can use and teach others immediately.


Students learn about stress and stressors. Students learn what stress does to the mind and body and how detrimental prolonged unnecessary stress can be long term. Students learn tips and strategies that they can use right away to minimise and alleviate stressful thoughts and reactions. This skill can then be shared with others in their lives or work place. Students learn about managing stress to also enable bringing a balance to their lives in this busy world we live in.

Your Trainer:

Your course tutor is Kim McNamara, who originally trained with the Life Coaching Academy in 2004 and has enjoyed a successful coaching career.  Kim is also an NLP Master Practitioner in Communication and Business Communication, a Hypnotherapist, an mBIT coach and has a Diploma in Psychology.

This Workshop runs for 10 weeks every Wednesday at 7pm AEST

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