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Skills Checkpoint – Government Initiative

Are you over 45 years and looking to study to be a coach?
You may be eligible for $2000 funding towards our programs through the Federal Government initiative Skills Checkpoint.
What is Skills Checkpoint?
Skills Checkpoint is a funding initiative to allow mature workers in the workforce receiving no other entitlements an opportunity to upskill.


  • Age – between 45 – 70 years of age.
  • Australian Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Not receiving assistance through an Australian Government employment services program.
  • Unemployed for no longer than three (3) consecutive months.
  • Employed and wish to re-skill, up-skill or undertake training to remain in current role.
  • Employed and wish to re-skill, up-skill or undertake training to move into a new role in current employment.
  • Those transitioning into a new career and wish to re-skill, up-skill or undertake training to meet the requirements of their new job or to gain the qualifications required to work in that field.
  • Currently employed but at risk of entering the income support system due to redundancy, reduction of hours, closure of business etc.


  • Accredited and Non-Accredited training.
  • Skills Checkpoint is a one off application per Participant.
  • Participant informed that this is a co-contribution incentive by the Federal Government and that a maximum of $2,200.00 (incl. GST) is available to eligible applicants on a 50%/50% basis. That is; the Government will provide half of the funds for training (up to $2,200) and the applicant or employer would contribute the remaining half. If the course (or bundled courses) exceed $4,400.00 the Participant would then be required to pay the gap.
  • Enquiries can also be made to: Ronece Dobrowolski or

    0438 601 869