Mind, Heart, Gut Connection Course – Starts 29 May 2024 – Last Spots!!

If you are interested in this course please email info@lifecoachingacademy.edu.au for an enrolment form.

  • Students learn about the three brains.
  • Students learn about the interaction of the three brains, and how to align the brains to be able to make congruent decisions.
  • Students learn the importance of self-esteem, stress management and time management while incorporating the three brains.
  • Students learn goal setting using the three-brain technique and powerful future pacing.
  • Students learn about the conscious and unconscious mind, sabotage patterns, inter generational patterns and how to use the three brains to overcome this.

This course is an insightful introduction to the mind, heart and gut connection. Each organ has its own memories, its own brain and learning more about these can enhance your skills in decision making. Through this course you will learn how to be in tune with each brain and how to align the three brains for effective decision making. Learning how to be congruent in all you do and decisions you make can have life changing outcomes. Course Outcomes Course – Mind, Heart, Gut Connection Trainer – Kim McNamara Week 1

  • Introduction and course outline.
  • Student expectations.
  • Explain the three brains.

Week 2

  • Values, values hierarchy for effective decision making.

Week 3

  • Self-limiting beliefs, how to identify self-limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns, teach strategies to overcome this. Explore meta programs.

Week 4

  • Goal setting – using the three brains.
  • Explore students’ meaning of success.
  • Student to set personal goal.

Week 5

  • Review goal.
  • What potential issues can come up.
  • Explore what brain/part might have an issue with goal.

Week 6

  • Refining goals, looking at the start point, desire end point and gap in between.
  • Future pace video technique using all senses. Introduce the concept of Dream Boards.

Week 7

  • Time management, stress management using the three brains.

Week 8

  • Sabotage – how the conscious and unconscious work, explore patterns and drivers.

Week 9

  • Teach the strategy “copy and paste”. Learn how to copy success strategies from one part of life and paste them into another.

Week 10

  • Recap on course and bring all the weeks together.