Life Coaching Course Outline

Optional Coaching Mastery Weekend Intensive

Your Coaching Mastery weekend intensive, which is an industry benchmark, and your specially prepared distance learning programs are just the beginning. Check out these valuable extra benefits which ensure that Life Coaching Academy continues to provide the finest coach training in the country.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP has made its way into many fields and forms an important part of coaching.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is an invaluable tool for understanding and analysing human behavior and for creating powerful communication strategies. It allows a person to make rapid and permanent changes in behavior and thought processes. NLP allows you to create and install new and empowering beliefs about yourself!


Every week there are a live webinars. Wherever you live, if you have a telephone or a computer connected to to the internet, you can participate!

Just phone the number or join in the webinar by following the provided link we give you at the appointed time and you’ll be connected to dozens of trainee coaches throughout the country. You may just want to listen at first but you will soon be joining in the lively discussion.

Each session is themed around a different area of coaching, business & NLP and encourages your on-going professional development. These session are your opportunity to discuss any problems, to exchange views with other coaches and to ask questions, wherever you live in Australia or not.

Best of all, if prior arrangements meant that you couldn’t join the webinar, you don’t have to miss out completely. Each class is recorded and uploaded to our website so as to be available for future listening.


Students participate in 36 hours of practical coaching and 9 hours of NLP triads. This is done on a rotational basis and students are able to experience the power of the GROW model in practice.

Personal Coach & Mentor

Students are assigned their own Personal Coach & Mentor for 6 sessions

Extra Special Events

World-renowned authors of coaching books are often flown in from the USA and elsewhere to share their knowledge in lectures and workshops. Life Coaching Academy members have priority access and are always the first to reserve their seats.

Coaching excellence demands a broad awareness of personal development. Life Coaching Academy engages leaders in this field who can command four figure fees for a one hour presentation.

Discover Life Coaching Days

Special public days are staged throughout Australia. These allow people to discover the benefits of life coaching. Life Coaching Academy coaches staff the events, act as ambassadors for the coaching profession and make wonderful new contacts.

In the Public Eye

LCA initiatives in public relations allow you to gain valuable publicity as editorial in your local media with possible national coverage. Editorial is free, it is read and often believed.

Refresher Days

As a relatively young but rapidly growing profession, life coaching is constantly evolving and developing. The Life Coaching Academy plays a leading role, maintains high levels of awareness and passes the latest thinking and trends along to coaches at Refresher Days. You can come along to increase your skills and ensure that you remain at the cutting edge of Australian coaching. (Nominal fee applies).

Assessment and Graduation



Just picture this…. You have enjoyed the Coaching Mastery weekend intensive. You have worked through your distance learning workbooks. You have listened in to the coaching calls and studied with your mentor coach. Part of the accreditation process is your study of the approved course text book upon which a critique must be written. You are also supplied with a choice of thesis subjects and this essay also contributes to your final accreditation.

The final step is the Coaching Knowledge Questionnaire. This discussion document is designed to probe your coaching philosophy.

When you have graduated you can add the initials Life Coaching Academy after your name. This is a formal recognition of your achievement and is a reassurance to your clients that, although independent, you are part of a highly respected International organisation. You can use these designatory letters on all your printed material.

Upon successful completion of all the required assessments you will receive a certificate to mark your achievement.

However, your association with The Life Coaching Academy doesn’t finish there!