Impending Regulation & choosing the right Life Coach training course for you!

Life Coaching is unregulated – still!

Yes, this is true.  We have been made aware the regulation is impending.  The board has been put together and are writing the code of ethics.

When? How long?  Will it be like the financial planners regulation?  Will it be like the Personal Trainers regulation?

Will I need to stop my business if I am not qualified?  What will the criteria be?

All important questions when looking to spend time and money!

The information given to us is: For Australian Students

Time frame: unknown

Criteria:  Nationally Recognised Cert IV minimum – delivered by a Registered Training Organisation with a RTO number (Ours RTO 31275) endorsed by the Governing body ASQA and can only be found via

Reason:  To obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance as a coach running your business you will need to provide evidence of a Nationally Recognised qualification

Who is the ICF? Which level should I look into?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the only global regulatory body that oversees Coaching worldwide.  They have written the code of ethics for coaching.

They endorse training organisations to hold levels like CCE, LVL 1 & LVL 2 depending on the criteria they meet.

A level 2 accredited program means it meets or exceeds the minimum on 125 coach specific training hours, mentoring hours and pro bono hours which equates to an all inclusive program with no further separate verification needed to apply for the PCC credential which is globally recognised.

Why do you care to have this?

PCC Credentialed coaches are seen to be elite coaches that have undertaken an high level accredited course.  A global footprint that allows you to coach clients from all around the world and also coach whilst travelling around the world.  Global networking and first hand knowledge of global training and changes.

Other Accreditation’s?  Do I need them? 

Essentially, in-house accreditation is created by the organisation its self.  These have no re-course for a student normally because they are not regulated by a governing recognised body.  Almost anyone can accredited a course but when you want answers, help or recourse it fails a student because of the lack of an governing body.

For example:  undertaking a course that you assumed was Nationally recognised and then went onto try and obtain Professional Indemnity insurance only to be knocked back due to the course not being recognised.

What can you do? Who can you turn to?  NOBODY, because they are not approved or recognised by bodies like ASQA or ICF.

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