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Deborah Hann

Diploma of Coaching, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Business Human Resource Development. NLP Accredited Practitioner

As a Professional Life Coach, Deborah Hann is committed to empowering excellence in individuals and in business, in order to inspire the development of their extra-ordinary potential.

It is my belief that each and everyone of us were born with a intended life purpose, and each of us are here to serve one another for the greater good of all.

Some time ago someone shared with me their version of hell. We are all familiar with the notion of our lives flashing before our eyes; their vision of hell was that they got to see their ‘intended’ life play out before them leaving them with the comparison of the life they were presently living.

Through out the course of our life time, I have no doubt that we start out with the best of intentions, with the most spectacular dreams about how we are going to live our lives, and the impact we are going to have on our world.

Then one day we wake up and find ourselves asking questions like:

What if this as good as it gets?
This isn’t how I planned my life, what happened?
Why does life have to be so frustrating?
Am I living the life I was born to live?

Regardless of your life stage or position, it is never too late to decide to discover your life purpose, and it is never too late to decide to live your ‘intended’ life.

I genuinely believe that life is definitely for living, and that each and everyday of your life should be lived with fun and passion. By engaging my life coaching services, it is my promise to you that I will work with you to discover your life purpose and will empower you to live out your extra-ordinary potential.

Can you imagine living in a world where every man, woman and child is living their ‘intended’ life?If you share the belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’; it is no coincidence that you have discovered this web page today. I challenge you to take the first step to realising your intended life, your extra-ordinary potential by accepting my offer of a complimentary 30minute life coaching session.

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