Workplace Coaching Workshop

Course Code Workplace Coaching workshop
Qualifications LCA Certificate in Workplace Coaching
Training Time Flexible
Prerequisites None
Price $495AUD (see enrolment for payment options)
Nationally Recognised

Intro to Workplace Coaching

Provides and insight to the topics covered in the webinar series

Highlights the transferable life coaching skills as they apply to the workplace
Coaching Skills for the Workplace

Introduces the Coaching Star principles

Provides practical examples of applying coaching skills to 1:1 and 1:many delivery

The coach becomes the facilitator

Expanding on creating the conditions for coaching in the workplace

The Client Relationship and The Coaching Strategy
Defining the client, eg: HR Manager, CEO, Business Owner

Defining the relationship

Establishing the coaching expectations and coaching outcomes

Establishment of the coaching strategy

Applying the GROW Model to workplace coaching

Resourcing your client

The Power of Alignment

The importance of aligning the individual and workplace goals to agreed outcomes

Identifying the levels of responsibility and decision making within the workplace structure

Introduction of tools to assist the GROW Model in the workplace

Delivering and measuring the coaching strategy

Documenting and Reporting outcomes to the Client/Sponsor
Finding and Managing Clients

Activating free-to-fee principles for finding/attracting workplace clients

Aligning your personal values to your workplace coaching value proposition

Tips for strategic networking and alliances

A Six Step Sales Process

ICF/ANZI credentialling requirements for your coaching hours log

Tips for getting started