Professional Coach ICF Business

Course Code 10116NAT BSB42615
Qualifications 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching
BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business
ICF ACTP Credentialing
Training Time 12 - 24 months
Prerequisites Demonstrate language, literacy and numeracy skills to a minimum level of Year 10 secondary schooling or equivalent.
Price $6,590 (see enrolment for payment options)
Nationally Recognised As Above

The core of your program lasts approximately 9 – 12 months. During this time you will benefit from some of the finest life coach training available.

At the commencement of your training you attend our fantastic Xcelerator Virtual Learning Sessions which have established a reputation for providing quality training in an environment that promotes exceptional outcomes for students. Students complete this inspirational training with a set of advanced skills which enable them to implement immediate change within their own lives and positively influence those around them.

The Xcelerator Virtual Learning Session consists of 5 interactive training webinars and is an integral component of the formal training and its presentation is of the highest quality within an exceptional learning environment.

Your enrolment on the course includes all electronic course materials so you will have no extra financial outlay - you can just concentrate on you!

You are guided through a series of seminars and workshops led by some of Australia's leading, practicing coaches. Your program includes themed sessions with many opportunities to practice as you learn. You work in small groups, so your learning speed is greatly increased and you benefit from lots of individual attention. During the program you will learn:

What it means to be a life coach
• Your obligations, commitments, and responsibilities.
The coaching model
• A structure which allows you to coach effectively and successfully.
• Learn how to empathise with your clients yet remain firmly committed to positive outcomes
Listening skills
• Learn how to improve your ability to listen effectively.
• How to recognise when your clients are holding back
• The secrets of listening 'between the lines'
Building rapport with your client
• Learn to create rapport from the first conversation.
• How to build a secure ,confident and lasting relationship with your clients
The characteristics of a successful coach
• The essential characteristics you need to make each coaching session enjoyable and productive for your client.
• Why truth, honesty and integrity are crucial to your coaching success
Questioning skills
• Asking the right questions is the key to effective coaching.
• Learn how to encourage clients to reveal their true desires and goals
Values and beliefs
• Learn how to understand your client’s belief systems and what makes them act the way they do.
• How to deal with issues of relationships and values
• How to avoid being judgemental or critical
Practical sessions
• Your chance to practice what you've been learning and get instant constructive feedback on your performance.
The first coaching session
• What to say and do during that first session to ensure your client's progress
• The facts that you must determine in the very first session
Establishing and Building your coaching practice
• The day to day practicalities of being a coach.
• Learn how to promote yourself and your services
• How to run your practice as a profitable business
• The five most common business mistakes and how to avoid them
How to market yourself and find clients
• Essential if you plan to add coaching to your portfolio or start your own practice
• Learn how to recognise and use 'niche' markets for your practice
• How to use the social media to best advantage

After your Xcelerator Virtual Learning Sessions you are appointed your own Mentor coach who will guide you through your program and give you practical, helpful, and experience-based feedback on your coaching skills as well assist you in establishing your coaching business. In addition you will attend Online training webinars in the Coaching, NLP and Business development areas whilst completing practical coaching sessions with your coaching team.

You will complete assessments that are practical outcome driven activities and include a research project , book critique and knowledge questionnaire.

To ensure you are exceptionally well prepared for your new direction you will undergo intensive training in the establishing, marketing and planning of your coaching business.

Finally, you will complete the 7 units of the BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business which together with the 3 units already completed in the 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching will give you an additional skill set.

Your program is completed with an Exit Interview which is a coaching session with one of the Academy’s senior coaches. All aspects of the training you have undertaken will be examined at this stage.

Units covered during the Professional Coach Business program :

10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching units :

COAECA01 Establish coaching agreements

COACOM401 Co-actively communicate

COAENV401 Create a safe and supportive coaching environment

COAGRO401 Coach clients using the GROW model

COAREC401 Establish and maintain client records

BSBLED503 Maintain and enhance professional practice

COANLP401 Apply NLP within a coaching context

BSB40415 Certificate iv in Small Business Management Units:

BSBSMB403 Market the small business

BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning

BSBSMB402 Plan small business finances

BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business units:

BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of a small business

BSBSMB402 Plan small business finances

BSBSMB403 Market the small business

BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning

BSBADM409 Coordinate business resources

BSBFIA402 Report on financial activity

BSBRES401 Analyse and present research information

BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities

BSBMKG401 Profile the market

BSBSMKG419  Analyse consumer behaviour