Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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Price Investment; $500 includes CD’s and course materials (see enrolment for payment options)
Nationally Recognised

It uses mindfulness practice as the core of the program to teach people how to take better care of
themselves and live healthier, more adaptive lives. It has been forged from the integration of
transformative Eastern mindfulness practices with contemporary Western scientific understandings
of human functioning. This fusion has produced a tailored and verifiable method for treating a wide
range of difficulties and enhancing performance and engagement in life and work.
What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is developed by purposefully paying attention in a non-judgemental way to what is
going on in your body and in the world around you. We call this moment-to-moment awareness –
mindfulness. It is about being awake and aware – living in the present rather than stuck in dwelling
in the past or anticipating the future. This observing, non-judging perspective enables one to
consciously respond with clarity, rather than react out of habitual pattern.
This evidence-based program:
• provides a safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment
• is solidly grounded in current psychological research
• integrates cognitive therapy principles into a mindfulness framework
• has an immediate, practical and educative focus
• can be successfully taken in conjunction with existing medical and psychological
What does the course involve?
• a 2.5 hour class once a week for 8 weeks and one full day
• mindfulness meditation training
• yoga and body awareness training
• exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action
• brief lectures and discussion
• individual feedback and support
• commitment to daily homework and practice using CD’s and course resources.
What can I expect?
Participants have reported:
• increased ability to relax
• more energy and enthusiasm for life
• improved self-esteem
• greater capacity to cope with short and long term stress
• a decrease in both physical and psychological symptoms