Goal Mapping

Course Code LCA 2015GM
Qualifications LCA Certificate in Goal Mapping
Training Time for 8 Weeks 7pm QLD forthnightly
Prerequisites none
Price $750 AUD (see enrolment for payment options)
Nationally Recognised

Objectives and Outcomes:

• Drive awareness of the Goal Mapping Success Philosophy and its universal application.
• Empower and enable students with multiple personal leadership theories and techniques to increase self awareness, self-motivation and personal responsibility; as future coaches and in all areas of their lives.
• Present the power of the subconscious mind and the importance of leveraging this to achieve goals.
• Students learn a creative approach to goal setting and gain value through creating their own personal Goal Map and investing in their future vision to inspire them to take action towards it and realise their full potential.
• Student are equipped and enabled with additional theory, techniques and frameworks to add to their toolboxes as coaches and apply to future client sessions.
• Students have a step-by step guide to creating their Goal Maps which they can access as an ongoing reference.

The content for each session has been pulled together with the following assumptions in mind:
• The webinar-style method of delivery is via a ‘lecture’ style approach with Q&A at the end to ensure it is kept to time vs interactive as per a face-face workshop delivery style.
• There will be a dedicated Q&A session included in the 1 hour allocation for content.
• The CPD is aimed first and foremost at student’s own personal development, and in addition equips them with ideas and tools to practically apply with future clients once mastered themselves.
• Students will have their own copy of the Goal Mapping template which will be made available electronically. The official templates (A3, colour and on thick quality paper) can be purchased with a copy of the Goal Mapping book for $30 or individually for $3 (excluding postage in both cases).
• Students will learn the step by step technique to creating their own Goal Map but will not necessarily complete one during the webinar session given the reflection and drawing time required and the nature of the webinar format with a multiple audience working at different speeds. They will however have all the steps required to create one at a future date if desired.
• Students will learn via a lecture style concentrating on sharing theory, hints & tips for application with Q&A.

Content Overview:

Part 1: The Success Philosophy enabling Personal Leadership, Empowerment and Responsibility
Session One
Introduction to the Goal Mapping tool and its multiple applications and success stories.
Brian Mayne’s story (creator of Goal Mapping)
The Winds of Change: learning how to embrace change as an opportunity, not a road block.
Overview of left-right brain understanding
The Power of Positive thinking: the science associated, and the foundation to the Goal Mapping tool.
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Session Two
The DAC factor: why technical skills and knowledge are not enough. Understanding the importance of drive, attitude and confidence illustrated through the ‘Bike of Ability’ analogy.
The Winning Edge: Understanding the 20% of what makes you most effective.
Introduction to the LIFT ladder; the step by step framework to achievement
Raise Your Awareness: shifting perceptions to gain clarity on reality as the first step to change. Consideration of personal paradigms, viewpoints of others, opportunities & restrictions.
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Session Three
Developing possibility consciousness: tuning your beliefs to release your potential. Understanding the importance of giving clear commands to our subconscious for maximum positive impact.
Introduction to the ‘map of meaning’ illustration to enable understanding of how our beliefs are formed, and greater Analogies & stories of successful famous figures who operated by the principle of ‘possibility consciousness’
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Session Four
Finding Balance: spreading success and stability through all major areas of life (consideration of importance of balance utilising the wheel of life exercise).
Be ‘On Purpose’: identifying your purpose to ensure you are working in alignment with your self-motivation strategy.
Techniques for practical application to stay on track with your goals.
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Session Five
Become fully ‘response-able’: the secret weapon to sustainable success
Understanding the impact of the ‘self-actualisation cycle’ and leveraging this positively
An introduction to the cybernetic loop and the proven ways to manage our state
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Session Six
Maintain a positive focus: commanding your subconscious to create your own reality and the strategy of mental preparation & visualisation for optimal results.
A deeper understanding of the power of the subconscious mind and the importance of positive, conscious commands
Involve to Evolve: recognising the critical value of positive, purposeful contributions within our environment and how to use these for our own success
Seven fundamental laws of success: understanding the natural principles of creation
Recap of key takeouts & considerations, hints & tips for practical application with clients
Part 2: The 7 Steps to Goal Mapping
Session Seven (2 hours)
The 7 empowering questions, the Dream Sequence (guided visualisation) and the 7 steps to creating your Goal Map
Translating your Goal Map into actionable steps forwards
The Goal Mapping ritual and the power of sharing
Example Goal Maps & Success Stories
Guidance on applying Goal Mapping in a 1-1 context with core questioning techniques.
Ongoing contact

Time: 7pm (QLD)

Duration: Fortnightly for 8 Sessions


The Life Coaching Academy is committed to high standards of professional development within coach training and wishes to offer Goal Mapping; the unique, world leading system for sustainable success.


In order to ensure any additional CPD modules can be accessed by all interested parties, the Life Coaching Academy will conduct the Goal Mapping training via webinar.
Presenter: International coach and trainer Holly MacCue; Director of Future Focus Training; the only Licensed Goal Mapping Practitioner in NSW and one of a handful Australia-wide.

Training Programme Overview

Goal Mapping Personal Performance Success Workshops via Webinar
Purpose: To empower Life Coaching Academy students with the personal leadership success philosophy of the Goal Mapping Programme for their own personal development as well as enabling them with additional tools and techniques to practically apply with their future clients.


6 x 1 hour sessions and 1 x 2 hour session, each including 15 minutes Q&A.


Webinars will be delivered on a fortnightly basis to enable students to digest the content, have an opportunity to apply any key principles or techniques, but keep momentum towards completing their own individual Goal Map on completion of the seven sessions.