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    The Life Coaching Academy recognizes that unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent students from effectively continuing training programs for which they have already paid for. As a consequence, it has developed a fair and equitable process to determine whether or not a refund is applicable, and the actual level of any such refund.


    fees and charges, refers to all those monies payable directly to the Life Coaching Academy in respect of course fees and related charges (including GST were applicable);

    costs, refers to the additional costs that a student could be reasonably expected to incur while undertaking an Life Coaching Academy training program;


    This Policy applies only to those fees and charges levied by and paid directly to the Life Coaching Academy in respect of training programs and services provided by it. This policy does not apply to any other costs a student/client incurs in undertaking such training programs or services.

    An initial, non-refundable deposit will apply to all training programs and/or services, payable in full on registering for the training program or service.

    Students can opt to transfer their enrolment to the same program being conducted at a later time with no penalty rather than withdraw.

    3.1 Course cancellation by the Life Coaching Academy

    Where the Life Coaching Academy cancels a course prior to its advertised commencement date then enrollees with be offered the choice of either transferring to a future program OR having the fees already paid, including the deposit, refunded fully.

    3.2 Student withdrawal

    Students are required to notify the LCA, in writing, within 10 working days after enrolling should they wish to cancel the enrolment. A full refund of all monies paid, less the deposit value $1200 will be made. Cancellations after the 10 working days will result in the full fees being charged and all payment plans being honoured i.e students will not be eligible for any refund of monies paid.

    3.3 Extreme personal hardship

    The Life Coaching Academy considers the following to be example of the type of extreme personal hardship considered appropriate;
    • sudden death of a partner or dependent child

    The following are examples of what the Life Coaching Academy does not consider extreme personal hardship, and hence not eligible for pro-rata refund:
    • no longer interested in completing the program;
    • relocation inter/intra-state;
    • additional employment workload impacting on available course time.

    3.4 Dissemination of information concerning this Refund Policy

    Information concerning the Life Coaching Academy refund Policy will be made available to all prospective students prior to enrolment:
    • at information meetings:
    • in the enrolment package;
    • through the course enquiries to the Life Coaching Academy Head Office, and in the Student Handbook

    3.5 Deferral

    A student considering withdrawal may opt to defer their studies for a period of 12 months with no financial penalty.


    Students wishing to withdraw from or defer a program in which they are enrolled must advise the Chief Executive Officer, in writing, of their intention to withdraw or defer and the date upon which such withdrawal/deferral becomes effective.

    Where a student has decided to withdraw after the commencement of a program and seeks a refund then they should provide documented evidence to support their reasons for seeking such a refund. (see Section 3.3 Extreme personal hardship above)

    The Chief Executive Officer will assess all and any claims for refund in accordance with this policy and advise the applicant, in writing, of the outcomes of such considerations.

    If students are aggrieved or dispute the outcome then they may appeal the decision in accordance with the provisions of the Complaints and Academic Appeals Policy.


    The following are related to this policy:
    Complaints and Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures
    Student Application and Selection Policy
    Privacy Notice



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