Announcement from Mid-Career Checkpoint Funding

If you are still looking into Life Coach training and have exhausted all funding avenues?

You need to contact us ASAP as we are customising options for each candidate.

We are working with each applicant on a one-on-one basis to create the most affordable option to get you started so you can learn and earn!!

Options we can discuss:

  1. Reduced upfront payments from $5600.00 to $5000.00 (expires 30 November 2022) (Includes choice of specialty stream FREE)
  2. Interest Free Payment plan – 18 months at $333.00 per month – saving you $1192.00 (expires 30 November 2022) (Includes choice of specialty stream FREE)
  3. 50 % off Interest – 24 months at $272.00 per month – saving $545.00 (expires 30 November 2022) (Includes choice of specialty stream FREE)
  4. Pay full price of $5990.00 and add specialty streams up to the value of $3000.00 at no cost (expires 30 November 2022)  – Specialty Streams options are:
    1. Wellness Coaching
    2. NLP Coaching
    3. Business Coaching
    4. Mindset Coaching
    5. Trauma Coaching
    6. Career Coaching
    7. Parent Coaching
    8. CBC Coaching
    9. Mindful Coaching
    10. Goal Mapping
    11. Executive Coaching

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Coaching Courses Online | Accredited Certificate & Diploma | Life Coaching Academy

As none of these options above are default choices on our website, it is important that you contact us to discuss which one suits you best and also to receive instructions for the enrollment process.

Free Call (Aus) 1800 032 151

Int +612 6674 4159 or simply email with the subject heading (Bespoke Options)