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Bespoke courses with National Recognition & ICF ACTP (LVL 2) Accreditation

  • *ask other training organisations if they are Nationally Recognised and what is their RTO number!!!
  • * without a Nationally Recognised Cert IV you cannot obtain professional indemnity insurance – ask the questions!!
  • *ask what level accreditation they have with ICF as anything under ACTP (LVL 2) is going to cost you time, money and require separate verification – dont just accept they are internationally accredited.
  • *dont mistake International Guilds created by the organisation as being the same as ICF Accreditation (if they dont have it, they cant get if for a good reason)!!!
  • *if its cheaper, find out why?? Do you pay extra for your assessments?  Do you pay extra for your mentoring?  Make sure you are comparing Apples with Apples as there are so many Lemons!!

The Ultimate collection of  Programs for you, biggest ever done 🙂